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5 Ways Seniors Can Stay Healthy and Fit

As you grow older and simple tasks get harder to do, it becomes easier to fall into unhealthy routines and lazy habits. Working out as a senior citizen takes a lot more willpower than it does for a younger person, and many seniors choose to cut back or give up...

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How Seniors Can Thrive In The Right Environment

When we think of old age, we tend to associate it with the worst things about senior life–the memory loss, limited mobility, and loneliness. This negative association does nothing to uplift the life of senior family members and only contributes to a nihilistic view of aging.

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5 Signs Your Parents Could Need Assisted Living Care

There will come a time when loved ones can no longer look after themselves. Daily tasks like bathing, housekeeping, and meal preparation become a challenging feat. Slowly but surely, their interaction with the world is going to change, and sometimes it’s not always for the better. Watching parents struggle with the effects of old age can be heartbreaking.

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Lauren Ward is Helping Seniors Thrive in the Greater Seattle Area

Lauren Ward is Founder, President and Senior Living Advisor who brings a breadth of knowledge and experience serving seniors and their families since 1981.  Because she’s been a Licensed Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for 26 years along with being an Alzheimer’s Support Group Leader in Adult Day Health for 3 years where she’s provided a milieu of recreation programs and therapies

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