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Adult Family Homes in Seattle, WA - Thrive Senior Advisors

Adult Family Homes

The community and family you never knew you needed.

What Are Adult Family Homes (AFHs)?

  • Currently they are only able to admit 6 people
  • The environment may offer 6 private rooms or less, some may offer shared rooms. The size of the rooms are either as large as master suites to normal bedroom size
  • Some have been constructed from the ground up while others may have been renovated
  • Services include the following:
  1. 24 hour care
  2. More supervision than Memory Care and Assisted Living
  3. Generally a better environment for people who are at risk for falls
  4. Residents’ needs are met more immediately, while the other environments needs can be met more routinely
  5. An environment where costs can be contained
  6. People often choose AFHs because they can be a lateral move from a SNF
  7. More offer an opportunity to pay privately for a period of time then the residents may go onto Medicaid/COPES when they run out of money
  8. Activities are not as robust as what is offered in Assisted Living or Memory Care
  9. Some offer periodic transportation while others provide outings and transportation to appointments
  • It can be a viable option for those that are unable to afford memory care
  • Owners providers can be from a variety of backgrounds including Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical or Registered Nurses
  • Some AFHs offer 24 hour “awake staffing” where a caregiver is awake tending to the house and residents during the night while other AFHs may have “sleep staff” where a caregiver may check on the residents every 2-3 hours during the night.
  • AFHs are able to utilize technologies such as motion sensors or motion pads to send an alert to the care staff that a resident is trying to get out of bed or a chair unattended. Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities don’t generally have those technologies
  • Activities are not as prevalent as the other environments, rather it’s care that is the main concern however more and more AFHs are trying to offer more stimulation
  • It’s a very good option for people who are frail needing more immediate attention

A Smaller, More Intimate Setting and Who They’re For

Adult Family Homes (AFHs) are viable options for Seniors that require a more supervised setting, requiring more immediate attention to their care needs, and for those seniors who are at risk for falls.  Adult Family Homes are homes that have been either renovated or constructed from the ground up to meet the needs of seniors who are frail and needing more attention.  These homes are only allowed to accept 6 people or less while care staff are readily available to provide compassionate and loving care.

For many families that have loved ones recovering in Skilled Nursing Facilities and the seniors insurance has terminated coverage for that SNF setting Adult Family Homes are excellent options at a lesser cost.  It is also an excellent option for seniors who cannot afford memory care for an extended period of time.  AFHs are also able to accept Long Term Care Insurance to pay for the residents care as well as other private pay means.

Activities in an Adult Family Home are not as prevalent as they are in Assisted Living or Memory Care.  Rather it’s the care needs of the residents that are paramount in this setting.

At Thrive Senior Advisors it’s important to us that our seniors and their families find AFH options that are not only financially sustainable, but also assist in creating joy and peace for those seniors in their later years who require more care and attention allowing their families to gain peace of mind.

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