Independent Living & 55+ Communities

Live the golden years of senior life. Amenities within arm's reach.

What are Independent Living and 55+ Communities

Both are environments that focus on leisure, recreation, learning and socialization opportunities that include cultural arts, exercises, theatre and any number of activities that the residents feel are important.

The Living Spaces May Be the Same for Both Independent and 55+ Communities

  • High rise living in apartments
  • Low level apartment buildings, multiplexes
  • Cottages
  • Townhomes

Specific to Independent Living

  • 1 meal daily
  • Flat linen services
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Access to all of the leisure and recreation areas
  • Assisted living may be elsewhere on the campus
  • There may be a pool available
  • Age is generally for people 62 or 65 and older

Specific to 55+ Communities

  • Generally the living space is purchased through a realtor
  • Cleaning and laundry is left up to the owner
  • Meals are left up to the owner
  • A Main Building or Club House may provide restaurant style dining at a cost
  • Other Recreation areas and buildings may exist for the residents including golf courses, tennis courts, etc.
  • 1 spouse must be at least 55 years or older
  • Some 55+ Communities have movie theatres, stores with a more small village-like feel.

Your Life, Without Bounds

Sometimes the resources required for home upkeep and maintenance has more disadvantages than known rewards and advantages. We spend the early years of our life working to fund our asset portfolio for the later years for retirement we is rich with enjoyment. However, daily maintenance costs and tasks might prevent seniors actually enjoying the foundations they’ve worked hard to establish. Another option for living during the retirement years is in an Independent Living community filled with opportunities for enrichment, culture, re-engaging in old leisure pursuits or finding new interests and hobbies.

More Than Just A Space and Who It’s For

Independent Living offers the opportunity for Seniors to re-create themselves in an environment filled with recreation, learning and even volunteering.

As older adults course through their later years losing close friends, living alone often becomes harder and lonelier. With family members busying themselves with their own routine and responsibilities, living in solitude generally is not the best option for real fulfillment or joy.

Additionally, studies of Seniors have proven that with regular exercise, nutrition, and involvement in socialization and intellectually stimulating activities it can rejuvenate health of our bodIes and minds, even reduce the levels of chronic pain.  Independent Living offers apartments or cottages with 1 meal per day, weekly housekeeping, flat linen service along with a vibrant curriculum of activities that promote healthy living and lifestyles in an atmosphere friendship and involvement.

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